We aim to provide high quality care and education for children through employing appropriately qualified staff, by checking for criminal records though the DBS Service.


We are committed to recruiting, appointing and employing staff in accordance with all relevant legislation and best practice. We welcome applications from all sections of the community. Applicants are considered on the basis of their suitability for the job, regardless of age, gender, culture, marital status, ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation. Applicants are not placed at a disadvantage by us imposing conditions or requirements which are not justifiable.

In the interests of Equal Opportunities we ensure that all job vacancies are advertised in a wide range of places, for example, our website and local notice boards, local press to attract applicants from all of the community.

We use Ofsted guidance on obtaining references and criminal record checks through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) for staff and volunteers. Anyone working directly with the children as part of the staffing ratios must have an enhanced DBS disclosure, with the exception of emergency bank staff and students. Any person without a current DBS check will not be left unsupervised at any time.

It is the employee’s responsibility to inform the employer if there is a change of circumstances, i.e. disqualification from working with children, disqualification from driving, criminal conviction and/or cautions as well as court orders which may disqualify them from working with children or affect their suitability to do so, having a child removed from their care, developing a medical condition which could affect them carrying out their duties.

The setting is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. All staff have job descriptions and volunteers sign an agreement. When employed, all staff are issued with a contract and, in signing the contract, confirm that they have read and agree to abide to our Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure statements and the Equal Opportunities Policy, which set out the principal rules, policies and procedures relating to their employment.

The managers hold relevant qualifications and permanent staff hold (or are working towards) a relevant level 2 qualification or above. A minimum of two staff are on duty at any one time.

We use the following ratios of adult to child:

  • children aged two years of age: 1 adult : 4 children
  • children aged three - five years of age: 1 adult : 8 children
  • children aged three – five years of age: 1 qualified teacher: 13 children
  • Staff Induction

    All staff have induction training in their first week (this may be longer in case of part time employees) of employment. During this period new staff are given:

  • Knowledge and Understanding of our vision, mission statement, values policies and procedures with particular regard to safeguarding, Equality of opportunity and diversity, behaviour management, conflict resolution and modelling how to join in with others strategies (acceptance/agreement form signed).
  • Probation period of three months
  • Essential training on child protection, first aid and food hygiene to be completed within 3 month probation period.
  • Expectations of staff (Punctuality, dress code, commitment to professional development and training, attendance at meetings, level of performance, hours of work and timetables, specific duties etc).
  • Staff quality assurance procedures (Staff performance review/appraisals, training and development (West Sussex training schedule), career plans)
  • Documentation prepared and completed by first day of employment.
  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Risk Assessment training
  • Ongoing training and development.

  • Regular training is available to all staff, both paid and volunteers.
  • Training opportunities are discussed and all staff are encouraged to pursue appropriate courses.
  • Our budget includes an allocation towards training costs.
  • Staff appraisals are held termly during which a training and development plan is agreed.
  • Student Placements

    We recognise that the quality and variety of work which goes on in the setting makes it an ideal place for students on placement from school and college childcare courses. Students are welcomed into the setting on the following conditions:

  • The needs of the children are paramount. Only one student will be on placement in the setting at any one time.
  • Students must be confirmed by their tutor as being engaged in a bona fide childcare course, which provides necessary background understanding of children's development and activities.
  • Students required to conduct child studies will obtain written permission from the managers.
  • Any information gained by the students about the children, families or other adults in the setting must remain confidential.
  • Students will not have unsupervised access to the children at any time.
  • Trainees under 17 years of age will be supervised at all times and not included in staffing ratios. If the trainees are 17 years old or older, they may be included in staffing ratios if the setting is satisfied that they are competent and responsible.