We recognise that starting pre-school is a GIANT step, not only for your child, but also for you. We will always take into consideration every child and parents individual specific needs. In order to achieve a happy start for you and your child the pre-school staff will:

  • Offer you and your child a play & information session prior to their start date. This will give you and your child the opportunity to meet staff and children, familiarise your child with their new surroundings and offer a talking point at home.
  • Ensure that all parents have the relevant information and know where to access policies and who to ask if they have any questions.
  • We may ‘stagger’ the entry for new children, depending on the number of new children starting, so that every child has support from their key person.
  • Each child will have a key worker who will be a contact point for parents, work closely with your child and be available to talk with you about your child’s experiences and progress. If you have any concerns your child’s key person will be your first point of contact. On your child’s first session, we welcome you to settle your child, and then leave him/her with the named member of staff. If your child is upset when you leave the pre-school staff WILL telephone you to let you know if your child has settled. If your child takes longer to settle we will request that you leave them for a ‘shorter session’.
  • We hold a ‘six weeks in’ informal meeting and will send out a questionnaire so that all parents, carers and children can have the opportunity to comment on how things are going for themselves and their children. We always ask parental opinions on how we can improve.
  • Your child will be allocated an online learning journal, called Tapestry, when they start at Crocodoodle to enable you to share your child’s pre-school time with them. We ask that parents also use Tapestry learning journals if something exciting or significant has happened at home and to share school holiday time with us. This is a great way for your child to share their news with their friends.