The health, safety and welfare of all the people who work or learn at Crocodoodle Creative Pre-School are of fundamental importance. We aim to provide a safe, secure and pleasant learning/working environment for everyone. The management take responsibility for protecting the health and safety of all children and members of staff.

The pre-school will ensure that:

  • All children are supervised by adults at all times and will always be in sight or hearing of an adult.
  • Adults do not walk about with uncovered hot drinks or place hot drinks in reach of children.
  • A register of both adults and children is completed on arrival so that a complete record of all those present is available in an emergency.
  • Children do not have unsupervised access to kitchens, cookers or any cupboards storing hazardous materials.
  • Children will only leave the group with authorised adults.
  • A correctly stocked first aid box is available at all times, Maria Oldfield will have responsibly for checking that this is fully stocked.
  • Risk Assessments on premises both inside and outside are made at the beginning of and throughout each session.
  • The outdoor space is securely fenced.
  • Equipment is checked regularly and any dangerous items are repaired or discarded.
  • Activities such as cooking, woodwork, and energetic play receive close and constant supervision.
  • The layout and space ratios allow children and adults to move safely and freely between activities.
  • Equipment offered to children is developmentally appropriate; recognising that materials suitable for older children may pose a risk to younger/less mature children.
  • Personal, Social, Emotional, Development

    We teach the children about health and safety in order to equip them with the skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to live positive, successful and healthy lives. Staff take every opportunity to educate children in this regard as part of the Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

    We teach children respect for their bodies, and how to look after themselves. We discuss these issues with the children in group times, we also show them how to move and play safely through Physical Development. Within the pre-school we try to promote everyone’s safety, we teach children to spot hazards in both the indoor and outdoor environment, and inform a member of staff.

    Pre-School security

    We will do all we can to ensure that the pre-school is a safe environment for the children to play and learn in and staff to work in. We review security measures regularly, and carry out a daily Risk Assessment and draw upon the advice of experts (e.g. police officers, fire officers and other consultants).

    We require all adult visitors who arrive in normal pre-school hours to sign the visitors’ book in the reception area, and to show identification before entering the premises. We will inform Ofsted of any significant changes or events relating to the premises on which child care is provided.

    Stranger awareness

    Staff are constantly alert to any strangers on the premises. We will not allow anyone that is unknown to us into the setting without ID being shown and a valid reason for their presence given. Children will NEVER release a child to anybody other than the parent/guardian unless a password is provided.

    Children’s names and identity are protected at all times and staff will not disclose information about any child attending the pre-school to any person other than those immediately responsible for the child. If the child was the subject of a child protection issue, information would only be shared with Social Services or other agencies involved in a strictly confidential manner. Parents have a responsibility to inform staff if anyone other than themselves is collecting their child for whatever reason. If we are unsure at any time, parents will be contacted to confirm the identity of any person.

    Safety of children

    It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that all activities are safe. Similarly, staff will always be vigilant for hazards concerning equipment or activities. If a member of staff has any concerns about the children’s safety, they should bring them to the attention of the manager before that particular activity takes place.

    We do not take any child off the pre-school site without the prior permission of the parent. If an accident does happen, and it results in an injury to a child, the staff will do all s/he can to aid the child concerned. We keep a first aid box in the office area. All staff are First Aid trained.

    Should any incident involving injury to a child take place, one of the members of staff who have been first aid trained will be called to assist. If necessary emergency assistance will be called for.

    We record any accident involving injury in the accident file, and in all cases we inform parents and they sign an Accident Form to confirm they have been informed. Should a child be quite seriously hurt, we contact the parents through the emergency telephone number that we keep on file. It is essential that parents inform us when contact details change. If we cannot reach the parent/guardian or emergency contact we will refer to the Child Record Form for other emergency contacts. If no one can be contacted managers will take the appropriate action e.g. take child to hospital. There may be rare occasions where it is necessary for staff to restrain a pupil physically, to prevent them from inflicting injury to others, causing self-injury, damaging property, or being disruptive. In such cases only the minimum force necessary may be used, and any action taken must be only to restrain the pupil.

    The health and welfare of staff

    The pre-school takes very seriously the need to safeguard the health and welfare of all our staff. If a member of staff is experiencing stress at work, s/he should inform the managers without delay.

    The pre-school, in consultation with professional advisors, carries out regular risk assessments, with the object of keeping the pre-school environment safe.

    The managers implement the pre-school’s health and safety policy on a day-to-day basis, and ensure that all staff are aware of the details of the policy as it applies to them.

    Practitioners taking medication which they believe may affect their ability to care for children should seek medical advice and only work directly with children if that advice is that the medication is unlikely to impair their ability to look after children.