At Crocodoodle Creative Pre-School, we value each child as an individual. Children are encouraged to express themselves in their own individual manner both inside and outdoors in a variety of media. We place particular emphasis on the process of discovery, exploration and creativity in all areas of learning. Although we celebrate any end product that your child creates, paints, writes or produces, we will also praise and encourage the way in which the art work/dance/music was created and the experience the child had whilst involved. We will encourage all children to access all areas of creative development and place a high importance on their achievements by displaying their work around the pre-school environment as much as possible.

Staff are trained to encourage children to think creatively for themselves in all areas and aspects of pre-school life. We facilitate the process of creative thinking by asking children questions, allowing them to work things out for themselves and praising their attempts to think differently about a problem or to try a different approach.

Through working together with parents, who we recognise as a child’s first educators, we will ensure that the children are given positive feedback for all their achievements. To do this effectively we need to work as a team. When your child brings home paintings, models, constructions, stickings etc. their work may not be recognisable to you as anything particular. However, to your child, this creation has been their idea and they have produced something beautiful, which has taken time and thought. The end product is often a reminder for the child of the creative experience itself and the emotions and sense of achievement involved. We would love you to celebrate your child’s achievements too; be proud - you have a unique child who has made something unique for you.