Children can attend Crocodoodle from two and a half years old. We hold a small number of spaces for 2.5 year olds however the majority of spaces we hold are for 3 & 4 year olds. We welcome ALL children to our pre-school and hold a policy for equality of opportunity and diversity.

All applications are placed on a waiting list, once the child on the waiting list becomes eligible any available spaces will be offered. We are unable to hold places for parents who wish their child to start Crocodoodle Creative Pre-school only when their Free Entitlement sessions commence. There are circumstances where a child may be offered a place above another child on the waiting list and in these circumstances the following criteria may apply:

A sibling of a child currently attending the Pre-school

All cases are considered individually.

Once we have received a registration form, your application will be confirmed by us in writing, we will send an information pack which will include forms needed to be filled in about your child and term dates, routines etc and a start date given.

We request that all children come to pre-school in clothes and shoes/wellies that can get messy as we will be using lots of paint, glue and other fun materials.

Sessions are allocated on parental request and the pre-school will always try and accommodate requests. It is not possible to reduce sessions mid-term. We request that any changes to sessions be made a term in advance in writing.


The management of Crocodoodle Creative Pre-school have deemed it necessary to enclose this paragraph and would like all parents and carers to be made aware that admission and continued attendance is contingent upon appropriate behavior from parents and carers; by this we mean engaging with staff at all times in a polite, non-threatening manner. We will not tolerate shouting or abusive behavior either to members of staff or in the presence of other parents and/or children. There is a clear procedure for parents to follow if they have a complaint or grievance. In the event that a parent or carer breaches this expected code of behaviour the management of Crocodoodle Creative Pre-school reserves the right to terminate the child's place at the pre-school.


We realise that social networking has now become an integral part of everyday life and that many people enjoy membership of social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. However, we are also well aware that these sites can become a negative forum for complaining or gossiping and as such care must be taken not to breach our confidentiality policy or offend anyone using these sites. With this in mind, the Pre-school asks that you do not post negative comments about us on any of these sites.

If you have any cause to complain, in the first instance please speak to a senior member of staff who will investigate. The Pre-school holds a complaints policy and procedure which can be found on our website.

Breach of confidentiality will result in the termination of your contract with the pre-school and the removal of your child's place.


Fees will be payable half termly in advance. Fees are still payable in absence due to sickness or holiday. If a child is absent for 2 weeks without explanation we reserve the right to offer the place to another child on the waiting list. If fees remain unpaid for more than a week after due date we will be unable to offer childcare for your child and you will be informed of this. If parents choose to reduce sessions, mid-term fees will be charged unless the request has been made in writing a term in advance.


These are currently awarded to each child the term after their 3rd birthday and also for 2 year olds who fit a certain criteria. You will be informed by the pre-school management when your child is eligible. Each child is entitled to claim 15 hours per week, from September 2017 some children will be entitled to 30 hours per week.


The setting may be in receipt of pupil premium and this will be used to improve outcomes for children, narrowing any gaps in development. Some examples that we may use to do this are; Training, equipment, extra staff to work with smaller groups etc


Children must not attend pre-school whilst suffering from any infectious or contagious illness i.e. coughs, sore throats, sickness or diarrhoea. Children should remain at home for 48 hours AFTER THE LAST EPPISODE OF SICKNESS OR DIARRHOEA. IF A CHILD HAS BEEN ILL OVERNIGHT, THEY MUST NOT RETURN TO PRE-SCHOOL THE NEXT DAY. Please see our Health, Hygiene, Medication & Illness policy. We do appreciate the difficulties of childcare, but an unwell child is easily distressed and would prefer to be in the comfort of their own home. All staff at pre-school have an obligation to all the children in their care, a responsibility to keep infections to a minimum and managers have a duty of care to their staff, therefore if your child becomes unwell whilst at pre-school, you will be asked to come and collect him/her.


PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE PRE-SCHOOL HAS UP TO DATE CONTACT DETAILS. IF PHONE NUMBERS AND/OR ADDRESSES CHANGE IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF PARENTS TO INFORM PRE-SCHOOL STAFF. All parents are asked to complete a Medical Emergency form prior to their child starting pre-school. Staff must be informed if ANYONE OTHER THAN THE NAMED PERSON(S) IS COLLECTING YOUR CHILD. In these circumstances, to protect your child, we will ask for the password you have provided that we hold in your child's file.


We have a policy and procedure for a child not being collected. We request prompt arrival at pick up times as late pick ups can cause your child distress and anxiety. If you arrive later than 11.50/3.20 staff will ask you to sign the late book and we will make a charge. (This will be £10 for every half hour (or part of) after 11.50/3.20pm)